Thursday, March 31, 2005

Forget Friendster, Social networking through Blogs

In notifying my great friend and super host Steve (ah, Seoul seems so long ago), I've learned of these nifty blogs of college friends.

Steve has two blogs: The Shameless Antagonist, of the folly of government and their lackeys; and the Poutine Diaries, about settling in Goderich, Canada as his perapetic life is put on hold. It was after visiting Steve and Laurie in Korea that I decided to set up this blog.

Tbrough Steve I found Amalia Vagt's The Journal of Genki where I learned that after many years at Planned Parenhood, she's taken the calling for nursing. Steve also led me Brian Juchems's Kick. Ball. Action.

Through Brian, I found Clint Schnecloth's Lutheran Confessions, which appears to have the same wonderful insights on faith and practice that his long ago emails had. Then I found Dan Stout(beaucoup fun) and then Jose Nazario


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