Thursday, April 21, 2005

Judges 1, Tyrants 0

Last Saturday I was musing on power play between Ecuador's Judicial and Executive branches. Well yesterday, Lucio GutiƩrrez was ousted from the Presidency, the third since 1996. He's been given amnesty in Brazil. I hope this is a lesson about shamelessly trying to stack the court. That goes for the Senate Judiciary Committee as they again try to fit a square Pricilla Owen into a round Federal Circuit seat.

Doonesbury is illustrating the Tom DeLay political death watch... I hope DeLay follows GutiƩrrez, then Frist can have his turn. Hey, Bill why didn't you diagnose Gutierrez' political life from video tape... because it was obviously dead.

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Blogger Steve said...

If Americans had the cajones of their South American counterparts, certain people wouldn't leave D.C. in Armani suits on corporate jets, but rather tarred and feathered, riding a rail.

Friday, 22 April, 2005  

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