Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Rolling Birthday Outings

Observances started with my last supper... with Jason and Marianthi, the night before the movers came. We caught a small action movie. Well really, it was Jen crossing Fifth Avenue, trying to get the bus without the bus getting her. There was quick glances in either direction, some indecision, and a final sprint.

As the case my five prior birthdays, I got a lot of mail... our proposal deadline. I also got some nice messages from all over. I didn't have formal plans for the evening, so I was going to go to rooftop yoga at the Can Factory. I got some nice treats from Bill and Fredrica, so I was going to bring them to class too... but when I got home, I was locked out. I had left my house keys at office. But when I got let into the building, I went to get my spare hidden set... but I had given them to David and Molly.... and was still locked out. Yoga time came and passed and went back to the office to get my keys. As a small consolation, I picked up the very excellent collection of Yoshihiro Tatsumi comics edited by Adrian Tomine.

Wednesday I got a bahn mi, caught a show, and caught up with Dave's inaugural outing of his rolling week of birthday celebrations. Thursday the heat broke, Josh and I caught Captain Jack and company. Friday Josh & I played tennis and got Indian, then Dena and Melissa & I took in some sights and sounds around the Gowanus Canal.

Saturday was the planned event of inexpensive eats and soccer watching at the Red Hook Ballfields. The food was even better than I had hoped for, including the very excellent and refreshing cantaloupe juice. I got to kick around with Mitchell and Adam, then cooled off with a few cervesas.

Sunday I went to meeting, got a Brooklyn bahn mi, bought some summer clothes. Monday Gretchen introduced me to a taqueria near the office, for which I'm very thankful for. And then last night brought closure to last Tuesday's frustration. I had cool rooftop yoga class and shared my goodies (cheese, quince and rioja) with Joe, Gretchen and Lucy. It was a perfect way to close out a week of birthday happenings.

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Anonymous Patch said...

Well look at you mister big birthday guy!

Sunday, 13 August, 2006  
Blogger Clint said...

Congrats. What's a bahn mi?

Sunday, 10 September, 2006  

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