Thursday, March 31, 2005

Some more thoughts on Toilets

So I am thinking, "what if I help people learn about toilets here at 917 Press?"

I'd want them to know about what can happen to the decommissioned. They should know about how they factor into event planning. Or special artsy toilets.

For a time, I would take visitors of NYC to some of my favorites toilets.... the unisex at Bar 89 in SoHo, where the stall doors are transparent, but turn opaque when locked; Palicinka, also in SoHo where they have that awsome gritty handsoap.

There's also listing of notable and public toilets for the city. BlueManGroup's Tubes show muses on the wonderful system that links our homes to our cities... plumbing. In conclusion, toilets are interesting objects and places, why aren't more interested since we visit one at least once a day...

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