Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Brick Testament and Tiny Ninjas

I first saw Brick Testaments at a comic shop many months ago, but recently spotted them in some mainstream bookshop. They are a wee bit subversive, but not enough to upset grandma. I'm happy to learn that many lesser stories get a piece of the spotlight too.

With Mr. Lindstrom making his debut this summer (from brickbuster to blockbuster), I was reminded of my favorite version of the Scottish play, Tiny Ninja Theatre's Macbeth. "They" also do other Bard plays: Romeo & Juliet, and Hamlet, as well as some original work. I say "they" because it's really my friend Dov doing all the voices while manipulating vending machine toys as characters. It's amazing though, more puppetry and dell'arte than child's play.

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