Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A different broken windows theory

Bill Gates, you gotta love hating him... or at least his software company. After weather criticism on the less than impressive beta for the next generation of Windows, and on Microsoft's retreat from support of LGBT rights in Washington state (with Ralph Reed's services), there's finally some good news from him.

CNET reports on Gates' opposition to H-1B visas. It sounds cryptic, but it's another knee jerk reaction to 9/11 that we have yet to shake off.
Federal quotas on H-1B visas, capped at 65,000 last year, have long been a sore spot for Microsoft and other technology companies. But, Gates said, the increased caliber of research institutions in China and India means that curbs on immigration and guest-workers will pose a greater threat to America's competitiveness than ever before.
Good job Bill! And by the way, your foundation does good work too.


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