Sunday, April 10, 2005

Foggy Water

dyners in clean water
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Whitney and I have been nice then naughty to her turtle Dynamo lately. I brought her home some feeder fish a couple of weeks ago (nice) but then we put off cleaning her tank for another two weeks (naughty).

So yesterday morning we changed her tank. Afterwards, Dyner's eyes were irritated, which we learned was probably from the bacteria in the old bad water, plus that we should change her water a day or two after feeding her fish. Lesson learned.

The last night, her water, all 30-some gallons were milky foggy. It was almost as murky as the water we just changed, though in a milky way, not a greenish way. On her basking shelf we noticed a broken egg, and on the bottom of the tank was at least two eggs-worth of shell, if not more.

Dyanamo frequently lays eggs underwater and then eats them, but this was the first time she had laid one out for us to examine, even though it was broken. First off, the egg was very large relative to her size, about the size of her head. Much larger than a quail egg. Secondly, the egg white was very gelatinous. There leaves very little doubt to the relation between reptiles and birds.

So now, as penance for our laziness, we'll be changing her water twice in as many days.



Blogger neil said...

You know, you can't drop turtles even though they have that shell.

Sunday, 10 April, 2005  

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