Monday, May 02, 2005

Of Finals and Bees, a hint to some

I've got a paper and project due Wednesday to complete year 3 of 4 of my masters program.

The paper is on debt financing, in particular addressing whether or not the criticism that apply to the federal exemtption of municipal bond interest income. The project is to respond to a NYC RFP to develop a lot in Flushing Queens using standard tools of real estate investment.

I'll be celebrating this weekend with some classmates on Cape Cod, then I'll be ready to reconnect with all those I loss touch with during this academic year.

Unrelatedly, Whitney has a fondness for bees and they a fondness for her. Two of her best friends have the same bee tattoo that she has on her ankle. So it was with great amusement that I read of this lady, courtesy of Drew Curtis' Fark. The poor lady to some, and lucky lady to others, is known to attract bees. Please ignore the lame sexism regarding the rigor and stress involved with bee incidents.
Indeed, Suzie Noonan is one of millions of American women known to attract bees in record numbers, perhaps due to their sweet body chemistry, scented body oils or floral colored clothing that fools bees into thinking that they are pollinating flowers. The experience can be quite traumatizing, as women are not built for the rigors and stress involved with bee incidents, and the return of summer can be quite unwelcome.


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