Friday, November 18, 2005

The Thing About Birthdays

Generally few of us are around for the births, but we love the birthdays. Today is auspicious for three:
  1. Jason
  2. Michelle
  3. Shameless... okay not it's not really Steve's birthday, but it's the anneversary of his first post on his award winning blog, The Shameless Antagonist, "Keeping The World Safe For Democracy Since 2003!
Thanks y'all for enriching my days.

p.s. and earlier this week we welcomed to the this mortal coil one MacGregor Alic Crensen, "Mac" and his happy folks Amanda and Ethan!

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Blogger Steve said...


Speaking of Birthdays, we have one scheduled for December 8th!

Saturday, 19 November, 2005  

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