Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A List of Things Done

Done: Last Saturday I went to the Brooklyn Museum to see Edward Burtinsky's Manufactured Landscapes. The photography as expected was stunning. But the greater treat was seeing the BMA's Visible Storage Study Center. Everything is encased in plexy, but tagged with a catalogue number that can can be entered into various kiosks. Additionally you can see a fair bit of painting in storage, but wonderfully displayed on "walls" hanging on tracks so that the painting left open can change regularly. Too bad there isn't a good picture to show the effect.

Done: On Sunday I took my "little" to see the Marathon. Over 37,000 runners participated. It was great to see smiles when I cheered out their names. Later we went to MoMA to see "Safe." It was interesting how Mitchell's definition of art seemed to open up.

Done: I hung out at DTW's 40th birthday party on Monday. (Cary gets a nice review in the middle of the article) Caught up with some old friends, and struggled to see work among the huge crowd. Later Michelle and I stole over to Galapagos to see the amature burlesque show. Kanye West had the same idea.

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