Friday, September 30, 2005

Testing A Shout Out

I'm fiddling with a few things.... First I haven't uploaded many of my own photos, though I know Nancy and Steve frequently do. So, to paraphrase Greg Brown, it's a picture of a picture taken and printed my good friend Annie Murdock. The original happily hangs in my apartment.

Secondly, I just installed Adium on my iMac to consolidate my IM clients (MSN, Jabber, iChat & Yahoo), and so far I'm very impressed, though I've yet to chat with anyone.

Thirdly, I just installed Skype too, which seems a bit redundant to IM, or vice versa, but you've got to use it to know... which is all to say, does anyone else here use skype? Norm & Judy have it on their Macs but I don't think they've set up accounts.

So for the geeks, what else do you use? I know there's some Flickr folks, Delicious anyone? Who's gearing up for Web2.0? I'd love to pick your brain.

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Blogger Nancy Drew said...

I hear your shout out! I use Flickr and I really like it. Now that it has been bought by Yahoo, the jury is out whether the product will decline. I only use the free version and haven't needed to upgrade yet. Some recently recommended Shutterfly, but I haven't tried it. I also like uploading directly to Blogger because sometimes I post photos that I don't intend to save forever and don't need to keep a copy on my computer.

Friday, 30 September, 2005  

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