Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Delicate Forests of Yuken Teruya

At the close of the summer, Jason, Joe and I went to PS1 to the Greater New York exhibit (as well as soak up the WarmUp party in courtyard, and chill in James Turrell's room). The sprawling exhibit had several gems peppered about, but the stand out was Yuken Teruya's diaramic trees, set in and cut from shopping bags. Ranging from Krispy Kreme to LVMH, the trees are exquisitly executed, while retaining serveral layers of meaning surrounding packaging, luxury, trash and so on. One of my favorite features is how the hole left from the cutting of the tree allows a spotlight for the tree inside. Here is another good example (pdf).

I was pleased as punch to see that Teruya has a solo show at Bienvenu (529 W. 20th Street) through Oct. 15. To paraphrase, let's go to the woods and marvel deliberately.

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