Thursday, October 06, 2005

Toogle: too good? / Brewster Kahle on Geek TV

Toogle and Woogle popped-up recently, though I favor toogle. It's part photo mosaic, part word art... for instance, see my search orchid.

Here's what they say:
Toogle is a Text version of Googles Image Search. Currently it creates images out of the very term that was used to fetch those images, later we will endeavour to create images out of the search terms entered by users past and present. But for now please, go play.
Yesterday, as I tidied and did laundry I watched/listened to last week's episode of Geek TV with Brewster Kahle interviewed by Robert X. Cringley at PBS. Actually Geek TV is webTV, vlogging, and podcasting all in one... plus they use bittorrent as a distribution method.

I know talking about technology can be guy heavy, and focus on the wrong inputs (like technical benchmarks), but what seperates the greats is how their pursuits lie in a greater idealism. Brewster Kahle's reverence for AltaVista for instance considers how no one since the library of Alexandria has tried to collect the totality of information available. Now Google and Yahoo are trying to index it all.

Yet there is a difference between indexing for search, and collection, for access, and therein lies these distinctions for which our experience changes greatly from possibility to reality. A great illustration was their discussion of how to implement advertising to the internet and the concept of the long tail. Perhaps more than finding things, Google's major achievement is tapping the long-tail.

Which leads up to the this notion that talking about technology, about tools, helps us grasp not only what is out there, but how "out there" changes. Reality is made up of the totallity of sensory inputs and technology is an extension of our senses.


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