Friday, February 10, 2006

Beware of That Vicious Right Hook

One of my favorite album covers is the Pogues' Peace and Love. A quick glance shows a middleweight, a long glance show that the words "peace" and "love" are tattooed on the right and left fingers respectively. L-o-v-e: four fingers plus thumb equals five. P-e-a-c-e: five fingers plus thumb equals... six? Creepy and subtle, I love it.

Last week I saw the plucky National Theatre of the United States of America (
NTUSA)'s " Abacus Black Strikes NOW!: The Rampant Justice of Abacus Black." The piece is a "tent revival celebrating the history and lore of ancient knight Abacus Black" The icing for me is their poster: a gauntlet with N-T-U-S-A engraved on the fingers: five fingers: plus thumb equals six (also the right hand). Excellent. You can learn more about hexadactyly, the condition of having an extra digit.

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