Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fine Leather Goods

Many people know that instead of a wallet. I use a rubber band. It dates back five years when I was mugged. I developed a perverse rationale that I could just hand away my cash and potentially keep my cards if it happened again (it hasn't). But now there are several advantages: It's no bigger than it needs to be in my pocket; I'm not limited to five bills (as with a cigarette case); the postman brings me two every day so I'll never be without a replacement.

So two wallet related interactions gave me chuckles. First, another friend/vendor with Jen at the 5th Avenue Street Fair makes leather bags and footware, but none for boys. Her initial response to asking about stuff for boys, was wallets. Then Monday, since he missed my graduation cook out, Mitchell gave a present.... a leather wallet (Kenneth Cole Reaction no less).

I gave using it some serious thought, but realized that I can't stuff it into my pocket, especially without pleated pants. But I've got to keep it. So I'll use it for the cards at home that I don't carry with me. That seems fair. I used the box for another gift already.


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