Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Too much fun to concentrate [Updated]

For all sorts of reasons there hasn't been much opportunity to post lately, mostly because there's been all sorts of thoughts and conversations swirling around my head that haven't really formed themselves in any coherent way. Plus, I'm having fun, being social, and I'm getting plum tuckered out.

So in no particular order.... last night Frauke and I saw the Girodet exhibit at the Met. This painting in particular was fun as the artist's revenge against an unhappy patron. I spent a lot time with Frauke and her husband Lars this past week since David and Molly were visiting. David & Lars have known each other for over 15 years.

The five of us all saw Target Margin's Faust. Among the marvelous elements was this gem of a line: "to be polite in German is to lie." Really, when I thought about it, one is polite when there isn't genuine affection. A lie indeed.

Sunday's highlight was picking up another Raeburn Ink shirt, street fair corn on the cob, and blue ribbon sushi.

I've been reading The Golden Ratio, when a line is cut in an extreme and mean ratio. So it was fun to open up Esopus #6, on process, with cut-outs by mathematician John Conway to make your own dodecahedron model (a platonic solid).

I also just picked up Etgar Keret's collection of short stories The Nimrod Flip Out. Dan and Victoria had screened the film version of Pizzeria Kamikaze, so I felt impulsive today to dig a bit deeper. Very fun so far... a bit of George Saunders, a bit of Will Self... and a whole lot that's new.

[Update 5/26] The NYTimes has a review of the Girodet show.


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