Monday, May 01, 2006

Boom Boom

No, not the incredible John Lee Hooker cut... but really two boom's.

After a couple weeks of missed calls and missed outings, Mitchell and I took a nice long bike ride. Over the Manhattan Bridge, through Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens, Columbia Heights and down into Red Hook, where we admired the Statue of Liberty and the New York harbor on a most beautiful day.

Then we heard two faint booms, and saw a dark cloud of smoke, more like the aftermath of a fire cracker than a continuous fire. We rode off to investigate, but it was clear that whatever happened was further away than it seemed.

So instead we had a super indulgent snack at
Schnack involving root beer floats, hot dogs and fries. It was Mitchell's first root beer float ever. The stereo was perfect for trying to teach Mitchell about headbanging and how to rock! He was skeptical... seeing it as a bit too weird and silly. I really felt like a parent out of touch with the aesthetics of kids.

This morning I read about the booms. Gothamist has more pics and a video.


In other news... Gretchen conveyed this funny story at her birthday party. In her spanish class, they were assigned to describe some one they know. Gretchen described me as being offended by the name
Banana Republic (and not shopping at the store), favoring colourful pants (I wore red linen to the party), and enjoying a drink (I had scotch & soda). Apparently her classmates were intrigued, and would like to meet me.


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