Thursday, April 27, 2006

Presenting our paper: Brazil's highways misbehave

We are presenting our paper today to our research class, and Tuesday as part of Wagner's Capstone End Event.

What did we find?
We found that there was not a consistent, positive relationship between highway density and gross state product. However, when dividing the country by region (South/Southeast) or if a state was coastal, we did see a positive relationship while the non-south and interior states continued to show a negative relationship. There are lots of conditions that lead up this conclusion of which I'll spare you.

The most fun seeming part of the project was putting together our slide presentation and raiding Flickr for fun pictures like the ones above, used to introduce our presentation and discussion sections.

Using Scott McCloud's comics concept of closure (the meaning conveyed by the juxtaposition of frames), these two slides convey our findings, and in some ways our process. Nonetheless, we've arrived at our destination.


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