Saturday, April 08, 2006

World Record Sideshow Craziness

Whitney was kind enough to take me to Coney Island USA's Gala Benefit last night. Several years ago I went through a huge interest in circus arts, sideshows and burlesque, so it was great to see several of my favorites perform.

I had two favorites: First I saw the most dazzlingly enjoyable burlesque act ever: Grinder Girl, a lady wearing a metal bodice that, with an electric grinder, shot sparks off her chest. The coup de grace was a very literal golden shower. Then I saw the world record (formerly 81) for eating mini hotdogs in 10 minutes broken by both the Unofficial Mayor of Coney Island and competitive eating rookie Dick Zigun (87!), as well as by winner, Crazy Legs Conti at a staggering 92.5.

For these reasons and many more last night was full of delights and surprises.


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