Friday, March 31, 2006

Traveling the World, More Notes on Comics

As if it wasn't already obvious, I'm really hooked on comics again. I just finished Guy Delisle's Pyongyang; A Journey in North Korea. It's a must read for anyone who has spent time in either Koreas (especially you: Steve & Laurie!). Though it was a bit irritating coming from a white Canadian... since I occasionally you occasionally feel that the critique is of all Koreans. Nonetheless, it does illustrate how any one who asks me if I come from North or South Korea has no idea what they're asking. There's some really nice panels, and a great "guest" spread from a colleague that provides a wonderful stylistic contrast.

As far as Korean related media I loved, I'd rank this up with Suki Kim's The Interpreter (Korean Mafia in NYC!) and the film Spring Summer Fall Winter... and Spring!, as well as another comic I picked up Same Difference by Derek Kirk Kim... who turns out to be a doppleganger (check out his picture!).

Also the Luther diaspora
strikes again. After reveling in my new found comics interest, I've had a great exchange with Brian, from whom I learned about Jessica Abel, and who sent (!) me Scott Pilgrim by Brian Lee O'Malley when I was home sick. Set in Toronto, it's a great mix of real life, indie rock, and video gaming, Gorrillaz eat your heart out!

Lastly, after I picked up Jessica Abel's La Perdida (set in Mexico City), my shop had an instore last week where I met her, and her husband Matt Madden, whose book 99 Ways, is great meditation on comics, art, and creation like Scott McCloud's book.


Blogger Brian J said...

Thanks for the enthusiasm -- it makes my enthusiasm for comics grow more.

Also, I ended up being totally trapped in a retreat when Abel was in Madison -- oh, the timing! I managed to promote it to some other folks, but I still missed out.

Wednesday, 19 April, 2006  

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