Monday, March 20, 2006

Fantastic Four Times Square

"The towering Four Freedoms Plaza is the new headquarters for the Fantastic Four. It is a gleaming concrete and glass skyscraper topped by four immense numeral 4s. It is located on the same site as the old Baxter Building but there is little the two buildings have in common." (From the Fantastic Four Compendium (1987!))

It took the Gawker's iteration of how the Conde Nast building is losing its views, to notice the "four immense numeral 4s" at the top.

Yes, New York is the Center of the Marvel Universe (Daredevil in Hell's Kitchen, Spidey from Queens and what not), but I hadn't realized this similarity. The Conde Nast building just went up in 1996-99. Furthermore, the comic book Baxter building was also involved in paper, though not publishing in particular. I hope the tenants know what they're in for when Doctor Doom comes roaring into town.

God bless the interweb in cobbling together these coincidences. Apologies for the super geeky fanboy comics post...


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