Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Buckwheat & Other Varietals

Hopefully you noticed in my "Lately" section, a link for buckwheat honey. Buckwheat was my first taste of varietal honey. Last spring I was drawn in by the stylish packaging of DUMBO's Beehive Beeproducts, curious of the deep dark colour, and astonished by the rich flavor. I've learned that dark honeys have more antioxidants and minerals than lighter ones.

I've been loving the distinct flavor of varietal honey and been wondering, like many foods, why I was only familiar with the singular taste of common, commercial honey. Beehive has the
answer: "Cheap honey is imported from China and Argentina and any domestic honey bought by the large packers is blended in, creating an homogeneous taste."

For the packaging, I gave out different bottles for office holiday presents, but it's the flavor that's been returning for more adventures. Beehive's
idea is: "By promoting the work of artisanal beekeepers (specifically harvesting varietal honeys), it is beehive's hope that honey will take its place as the unusual, complex food that it is"

Just a tip though, there are other varietals at lower price point, but try them out!


Blogger Steve said...

I like that wild mountain honey.

They best honey I've tasted was from "killer bees" in the Nigerian bush. Those exotic rainforest flowers make for a heady honey.

Friday, 24 March, 2006  
Blogger Sam Teigen said...

Come on papa, Your end is the means
Don't trade your love and goodness
For the golden machine

You run for the money
You don't even know about wild mountain honey

What colour was the killer honey?

Saturday, 25 March, 2006  

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