Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Back on the Shelf

Growing up I was an avid comics reader, leaning towards Marvel rather than DC. But since high school, I haven't really kept up. Adulthood did point me towards adult comics, both of the R. Crumb variety, and the Daniel Clowes, but still, it didn't take as a habit. I may be falling back into it though. Last week I picked up "Put The Book Back On The Shelf" a collection of shorts based on the music of Belle & Sebastian (which many of you know I admire). The combination was too much to resist, so I stopped at Midtown comics nearby the office. Priced like a book at $20 (good bye 50-cent comic), the collection is treasure of several styles of art, and interpretation. Some are newspaper cartoony like Archie (Riverdale is in the Bronx you know), some tread near the animated realism of Waking Life. Some narrate the songs, some create a world inspired by the songs.

If you're not sure what a comic book is like without a hero or daily strip, this is a great place to see some possibilities.


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