Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Amazing Expansion of Joy

Cnet had a minor post on the Balloon Project... what a great site, great concept, great photos. From their site:

In 1996, Addi Somekh and Charlie Eckert began traveling to different places in the world to make balloon hats for people and take photos of them. The goal was to show people all over the world laughing and having fun, and to emphasize the fact that all human beings are born with the ability to experience joy. In total, they visited 34 countries and have over 10,000 pictures. Inside this web site you will find all sorts of photos and stories, as well as a way to purchase their book, The Inflatable Crown, and see scenes from the upcoming Balloon Hat documentary film.
Besides the picture sets (especially their sets of three), I loved their collection of defining laughter.


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