Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dynamite on a China Plate: a Voice from the Past

I got a nice heads up from an old acquaintance. Poet Jay Leeming is having poems from his book Dynamite on a China Plate read by Garrison Keillor on The Writer's Almanac on Wednesday April 12 and Friday April 14.

His name brings back a couple memories... I recall meeting him at the Russian Samovar in the west 50s. We were waiting to see Charles Simic read but got the night wrong and met again on the right night. We had the Twin Cities in common and chatted about books and music. I ran into him at another reading in Bryant Park with Charles Simic, Stanley Kunitz, and Derek Walcott. I have a silly picture I took of Stanley Kunitz from very far away, and only of his head. But I when I came across it last weekend, I immediately remembered that he was in it.

Charles Simic reminds me of Jim Francis who gave me that recommendation. It is one of the best literary recommendations. Besides loving his style of poetry, his poems and essays helped me fall in love the City and food so great, they are an event in themselves.

Tune in, read some poetry, think about old acquaintances.


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