Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sourcing Stravinsky

Jen joined me for Sourcing Stravinsky at DTW last night. It was a series curated by Annie-B Parson, whose own work, as much as anyone I've seen, suggests that we all can move with grace.

As a whole, the dances illustrated how much the avant-garde has changed since then. Much of the music seem somber, harshly accent with jarring, stabbing phrases. In contrast, none of the dances executed those phrases with somber, serious movement. No, there was irony. There were video snippets of Balanchine and Robbins’ sincere movement. There was video of Stravinsky himself conducting, serious, without irony. It was easy to envision Martha Graham, channeling that rhythmic, intense music in stark seriousness. But every piece last night had a wink. Yes there was reverence, but many winks. And I think that's good for the avant-garde.

You can read more about the evening in two NYTimes articles.


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That sounds wonderful! I love stravinsky!

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Saturday, 22 April, 2006  

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