Thursday, April 20, 2006

Edible Brooklyn

I spotted a new neighborhood publication yesterday, Edible Brooklyn; celebrating the borough's food culture, season by season. This ties in nicely recent thoughts on consumerism and morality... being more aware of local, seasonal, and slow food culture. It's part of a larger group of "edible" communities. The first issues featured Jacques Torres, my neighborhood chocolatier. If you didn't know, I love those chocolate covered orange slices!

A couple of weeks ago, my community equity class had someone from
NYIRN talk about sectoral development, that is targeted economic development by business sector. One of the most exciting sectors in NYC is food processing. Thus the program "Food from New York." It tends to be small business, somewhat specialized labor that has a growing market among artisinal foods. There are over a thousand firms employing approximately 14,400 in the City.

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