Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bahn Mi Oh My, An Explanation

Clint asked that I explain what bahn mi is, besides some cheap food that I seem to like.

Bahn mi are Vietnamese sandwiches. The standard is on a French baguette (8in). Then a few slices of fatty roast pork, with some pate spread on, then filled with daikon radish, pickled carrots, peppers, cilantro and mayo. In the end, it's balanced between sweet and savory, gooey and crisp, rich and bitter, hot and cool. They also have meat balls (usually with some fish in it), and more of a pulled pork.

Josh put it best three bites into his first bahn mi, "Say what you will about colonialism, but this is a darn good sandwich."

They usually go for about $3, though around 4.25 in more gentrified neighborhoods. You can usually get SE asian beverages (lychee juice, durian shakes, White Birds nest, tamarind) for and dollar or two, for a complete meal for $5. A couple of the better known shops split their store front with jewelry shops or other business ventures. I'd look for it anywhere with a significant SE Asia population.

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