Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What you hear can't be repeated, or can it?

Yesterday I was in Union Square when this street person totally verbally assaults this yuppy on his mobile. It went from "He's in a syndicate" to "He's a sodomist" It got a little tense when he walked up the guy and was pointing at him. This is all to say that like all dense cities, you can find yourself hearing surreal stuff with no effort, and no reality TV.

Which leads into the site of the day: Overheard in New York, all the fun of eaves dropping with none of the stinky threatening downside.

Some great excerpts:
Guy: That's pretty ballsy.

Chick: Honey, I have testicles. The reason I don't wear skirts is not 'cause of my chicken legs, it's 'cause I don't want people to see my huge, hanging testicles.

Guy: ...well, all right.

--44th & 5th

Teen girl: What time does TRL tape?
Street vendor: What time do you watch it?
Teen girl: 4 o'clock.
Street vendor: What does the L stand for?

--Times Square

Teenage boy: I really need a girlfriend.
Teenage girl: Why?

Teenage boy: 'Cause they're all sweet and soft and crap.
Teenage girl: Go out with Marla. She's soft.
Teenage boy: No, that's not soft; that's obesity.

--N train


Blogger Nancy Drew said...

That site is a great idea! The other day, while waiting at a light on my way to work, I heard a women, dressed to the nines in what appeared to be an interview suit, calling in sick... Second Avenue is so loud! She said she was in bed, but horns were honking in the background. Why didn't she at least call in from home?

Tuesday, 17 May, 2005  

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