Thursday, June 23, 2005

Seeing what you can't see

I often like to ride in the front and rear cars of the subway to look down the tunnels. Last night I was in the back of an L train, which has the newest cars in the MTA system currently, when I noticed something odd about the windows. The windows have a special tinting that only allows one to look straight through, but not at an angle. The paranoia in me thinks it's too make the cars safe from would be hijackers, the geek in me just thinks it neat and makes my tunnel vision kinda dreamy.


Unrelatedly, I used to be a runner, and to this day it pains me to watch some people run. Running seems so relatively easy to do, less a skill and more of a strength, but so many people run painfully. And the stats back up this perception, running related injuries have held steady as shoe technology has advanced. From Nike Air to Nike Shox to the microprocessed Adidas 1, there is a lot of R&D spent on shoes. So it was interesting when I noticed the Nike 5.0 at Paragon earlier this week, and then this article in the Times.

The article is about the grow adoption of barefoot running and how technologically advanced shoes may have really served to weaken our feet thus causing many injuries. But going back to a barefooted method is not so easy, basically people will need to learn how to run all over again. But if it leads to less pain in the long run ( I couldn't resist) it will be worth it.


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