Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Good Things To Do In Omaha... in 2006

I just got an update from my friend Rachel Jacobson who, after 5 years in NYC moved back to her hometown of Omaha. She's been pretty busy lately founding and scheming a new non-profit art film theatre, Film Streams.

Those of you musically inclined might be thinking there's another water-based art outfit in Omaha... Saddle Creek, and indeed Rachel's new theatre will be a part of Saddle Creek's new venue/retail/condo/theatre development in "NoDO" or North Downtown Omaha.

Rachel's goal is to show first run art films that would otherwise bypass Omaha on one screen and classic films on another. The project is slated to be up and running next summer.... so who's in for Omaha International Film Festival?

Good luck Rachel!

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