Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bowled Over By Short Plays

My thumbs are sore, but that's at the end of the story.

Last night's Take 5 organized by Clubbed Thumb was a delight on many accounts. First it was a treasure hunt of guerrilla theater around the Ohio Theater: 15 plays, 70 or so minutes, scattered over 2-ish blocks. Sibyl & I hit 7 or 8 of them after some necessary preliminary strategizing and mapping. We occasionally ran from site to site... but as old people do... that awkward prance.

First on my list was Scott Adkins piece, a concise meditation on parasites and attacking toy monkeys. Sigh, how far he's traveled from the squishy cuddly sock monkey. The last two pieces were particularly fun for their spectacle... an olde tyme revival celebrate Pocahontas, complete with call and response and congregational singing. Then the finale: a seemingly ad hoc glee club and a "song against terror."

The ensuing party presented the bonus, zany treat of bowling complete with discrete lanes. It was like candlepin bowling I imagine, only with water bottle pins, and coconut/turnip balls. Sibyl and Homer both picked up some difficult spares. Then another bowler missed the pins, struck the backstop, causing the coconut to split with Homer catching the two halves. The juice sprayed over Homer, but the meat was ready to be eaten. It was from prying coconut meat from the shells that my thumbs are sore. At a certain point, my determination (and thus my thumbs) was not match for the nut's stubbornness. Mmmm coconut meat...


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