Tuesday, June 06, 2006

SuperHirn Mini!

Joe & Gretchen have this game I really love: MasterMind, but in mini-travel-small apartment size.

A couple weeks ago I was visiting and we played a couple rounds, causing me to lament how the travel version is no longer made. And in a flash, I realized I could see if there was one available on EBay. There was one auction from the UK, and Joe did the bidding for me (since I lack paypal and any history). Well we lost.

Then, like a better date when another falls through, another came out of no where (well Greece), had a "buy it now" price, and was in German to boot. So here's the good parts: it's prestine, never played; the "grading peg" hols are in a little circle; and best of all, Joe brought it over tonight.

Simply amazing how quickly it all happened, almost as amazing as having a friend like Joe to carry it out.

Interweb... mehr als nur ein Spiel


Blogger hooligan said...

Hey there. I hate to do this to you, but I'm a-Googlin' for an old friend called Sibyl Kempson, and this blog has appeared. Would you please tell her to get in touch? I've already bothered the fine people at the Film Academy. Puh-leeze. Danke schoen, Heather McLean

hmclean73 (at) yahoo.com

Sunday, 11 June, 2006  

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