Wednesday, September 13, 2006


After a few weeks of rooftop yoga, I finally got on the ball to look up some of terms that whiz by me. In particular, "namaste" (na-mas-tay). I was thrilled to learn means, "I bow to that of God in you." How amazingly Quaker... appreciating the light within. Though we speak of it in meeting, we do not greet each other as such, but if we acknowledge it more in each other, perhaps individually we'll exhibit it more.

As I think more about it, some talk as if it is easier to kill or otherwise devalue other human we feel are godless, infidels and the like... but what would/does it mean to a being that has part of God in them? Frequently Genesis is cited how God made humans in God's image. Being the dawn of humanity it means all humans, regardless of Jew, Christian, Muslim et al, has God in them. So for every human we kill and maim, we do unto God, whether directly or indirectly.

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