Monday, July 09, 2007

A Night Out With Dean and Britta at Heathers

Heather's on 13th is where we have 78 RPM Sunday's. It's a nice time listening to records, with the kids running around, Heather is a great host, and very conscientious of her neighbors. Still, since opening Heather has struggled with her neighbors who don't seem to want her no matter how quiet her patrons are. So it was with delight I read in the Style section about Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips grabbing a drink there:
The quartet walked up to Heathers, a bar on 13th Street. As they stood outside smoking Camels, the bartender — probably mindful of noise complaints — popped out to shush patrons like a wayward librarian.
In the paper there was a nice shot outside of Heather's that didn't make it on the web, but I'm happy to hear more stories of how considerate Heather is to her neighbors.

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