Monday, September 15, 2008

Montreal Demi Marathon

For my first major roadrace since high school I ran the Montréal half marathon in 1:27:06.8, nearly three minutes under my goal of 90 minutes.  I placed 47th out of 3053, 7th in my category of Men 30-34, and behind three women.  I averaged about 6:40 a mile, and 4:10 per kilometer.

My 5K splits were fairly consistant, 20:18, 21:06, 20:25, 20:45.  The second 5K was mostly up hill.  It took me a while to figure out the markers, so my first 4 splits are real screwy.  I would love to  push my pace down to 6:30 miles, or better yet, 4:00 kilometers, and getting down towards 85:30 to 84:30 when I run in Grete's Gallop in Central Park on October 4th.  On the otherhand, I don't really know how feasible losing 2 minutes is, it might be more like pounding out 2 minutes.  My greater goal is to qualify for Boston, I think this was a good first step.

Josh ran his first marathon, and Mollie ran the half to help prepare for the New York Marathon.

Thanks to all that sent congrats.

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Blogger ibeching said...

awesome sam! can't wait to see you at the Grete's Gallop run, until i start eating your dust, that is.

Tuesday, 16 September, 2008  
Blogger Homer said...

Cripe. Most impressive. Congratulations!

Friday, 26 September, 2008  

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