Thursday, July 28, 2005

One Last Run To Get A First Run

I returned from the BWCA a day early, leaving me with a Wednesday night free. But the day before Barb and Nick finalized their purchase of a 27-year old Ski Nautique.

My dad, sensing the great timing, suggested that I go up with Nick for a final trip to the Lake and see the new boat. The timing seemed a bit tight for an early return Thursday morning and a 1030 flight, so Norman put on his thinking cap and came up this humdinger of an idea: Nick would drive me, him, and mom up to the lake, we'd ski for 3-4 hours, and Norm would drive us back down around 9pm. Crazy... like a fox.

We go going early in the afternoon and had pleanty of light. The Nautique took some adjustment, but was a clear improvement over the old Larson. Here are some pics of the afternoon.

[8/15/05 note: I've been pretty delinquent with posts, but I think getting this one out of the "draft" box will help out. So please come back, and often.]

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