Monday, July 18, 2005

Tired from choppy waters

I'm up at Lower Hay lake for a big family birthday party before heading to the BWCA. My dad and I drove up friday morning and I was in swimming shortly after. Infact I swam much of the morning. Then just as the sun was going down I went out skiing with my cousin Nick when the water was glassy.

The party was yesterday. We celebrated the 45'ers those born in that year and we had 6 of them to celebrate. The beer flowed, the potluck lucked, there were fire works, kareoke and a new announcement: my cousin Nick proposed to to his lady Libby.

This morning was quiet in the cabin and breezy on the beach. I did some striking of the party and then jumped in the water. Being so windy there are some whitecaps out today. It was hard going out and choppy staying still, but I certainly got back to shore quickly. I'm loving the swim noodles...plenty of bouancy but easy to relax in deep water.

I'll head back to Mpls tomorrow, go see my grandma, go to the new Walker, and get ready for the BWCA.

My travels work out that get to see all three of dad's sibs in one week. Aunt Barb came to NY, Dave lives at the lake, and Phil will be coming through Mpls to visit folks in Mankato. Plus I may see my mom's brother Dan when I see grandma Norma.

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