Friday, June 23, 2006

Good To Be Home: Funny Sights

I don't like words on clothes for the most part. But last night on the UWS there was a deliciously revealing instance. Waiting to cross the street, there was a pretty, petite lady dressed mostly indescript. Except the back of her t-shirt had a small logo, mostly obscured by her bag's strap, leaving only the tag line: The Future of Adult Entertainment.


Tuesday night, during the intermission of the Classical Theatre of
Harlem's movingly Katrinafied staging of Waiting for Godot, Michael and I went to a bodega to get a cold refreshment. Ahead of Michael, this little boy, eight or ten years old is buying a bag of ice. He pays with a Benjamin. Without blinking or holding it up to the light, the counter guy takes it, hands back some change without counting it back. The kid takes the change without counting and leaves.

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