Thursday, August 25, 2005

If Dynamo needs a shell repair, this might come in handy

This (via Boing Boing, via Fark), tells the tale of a desert tortoise getting a fiberglass shell repair after surgury. "Cactus" had three enormous bladder stones removed. In order to mend the wound, the vet sealed the fiberglass with 5-minute epoxy.

This was particularly interesting towards the end:

The surgery hasn't seemed to faze him.

"He came around within 24 hours. He's a mellow little guy," said Fitting, a fan of all desert tortoises.

"These are really very wonderful animals," he said. "They're very gentle and curious, and orange and red are their favorite colors -- in the wild their best and most succulent food is the red and yellow flowers on cactus."

Desert tortoises are also extremely imperturbable.

"You know the tale of the hare and the tortoise?" Fitting said. "These guys don't consider themselves in the race. They couldn't care less. They've been around 200 million years. They've seen dinosaurs come and go, and they're one of the reptile lines that survived the wipeout 65 million years ago. They're very laid-back."

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