Monday, August 29, 2005

Pencil Revolution

Cnet of all places, linked to this gem: Pencil Revolution: Pencil Philosophy: wooden wisdom, product reviews, ephemera, etc"

The first piece I read about the Blackwing 602, was so loving that I want to go to an art supply store after work.
"I began using Blackwing 602 pencils as an art student years ago and have never found another pencil to compare with the richness of the lead. They give a deep dark black without being overly smudgy, and all the silvery range of greys are there too. The feeling that comes to mind is 'smooth' and it is a pleasure to put this pencil to paper."
For all the talk about digital futurism, the internet has done wonders to connect folks to kindred geeks obsessed with the non-digital.


In a separate note, I was very interest in how Podcasting has found it's way into museum tours and church sermons. The Times had this on "godcasting" I'm hoping that Clint takes a stab, and maybe I'll start listening to Lutheran sermons again. Then MoMA got in the act two-fold. First there was this spring's emergence of Art Mob's audio tours of MoMA, now MoMA has made their own audio tours available as podcasts. Download it here, or through iTunes before your next visit.

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Anonymous Joseph said...

What pencil do you use?
I prefer the CRETACOLOR 150 by Austria.
A close second would be the Tombow HOMO-GRAPH (mono).

Most fun aint 0 & 1!

Tuesday, 30 August, 2005  

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