Friday, June 22, 2007

First Time For Everything.

Nice catch
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We celebrated Miguel's birthday by taking in the cross harbor rivalry. Despite two fierce rain storms, the game made it through nine. Most folks left after the third inning when a torrential rain came down. Those that stayed were treated to prime real estate behind home plate.

Odds of getting a souvenir increase at minor league games, and when 90% of 8000 leave... your odds get better. With improved odds, I caught my first foul ball, after bouncing off a sky box. Earlier, I asked several folks if they had ever nabbed a souvenir at a game. Next I'm going to ask people if they've ever won the lottery...

I've got Pics and so do Matt and Rebecca

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What do you know about this place?

I scored 112 points on the TONY "Essential NYC" Quiz! What about you?


Friday, June 01, 2007

Donate! Race for the Kids

Many of you know about my 13-year old friend Mitchell. At the end of September, we're participating in Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York's Race for the Kids. The fundraiser supports the social workers and staff that make our match possible. In addition to our usual one-on-one time, BBBS also organizes great group activities like the camping trip we did in April. It's a fundraiser, but it's also an event that Littles, Bigs, family and friends can come together so you're welcome to join our team.

I'd love to collect as many small ($1-5) donations as possible. If you're interested in mentoring, please join our team, it's $25 to participate.

Thank you for your consideration and thank you for your support.