Friday, May 09, 2008

Two Fronts

a) my election malaise is burning off... a twitter meme started "When Obama wins..."
My favorite: When Obama wins... we will all shower in beer and soap will be replaced with bacon.

Runner up: When Obama wins... Robert Downey Jr. will celebrate with hookers and blow.
b) I achieved my 4 mile goal on Wednesday, squeezing 4.1 miles in 26 minutes.

c) a new pair of Nike free 3.0s arrived today... when will I test them out?

**Update**  I achieved my 6-mile goal tonight in the 3.0s, squeezing 6.05 miles in 40 minutes, missing my 5-mile goal by 20 seconds, I should have tried to push on the the 10k goal, but oh well.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Along the lines of goals... here's a list I'll try to check off in the next two months.

Miles; Time; Pace (Min); MPH/Level

1/4- 1:10; 4:40; 12.85
1/2- 2:30; 5:00; 12.00
1- 5:30; 5:30; 10.90
2- 11:30; 5:45; 10.43

3- 18:00; 6:00; 10.00
4- 26:00; 6:30; 9.23
5- 33:00; 6:36; 9.10
6- 40:00; 6:40; 9.00

10K- 41:30; 6:40; 9.00

As a high school runner, I got my 1/2 down to just over 2 minutes (I could never get my first split much below 55 seconds); 4:55 mile, 10:10 2-mile and a 5k at 17 minutes and change. The one 10K I ran as part of the Drake Relays I vaguely recall being around 44 minutes, as I wasn't used to racing more than 2 miles during the spring. I didn't run competitively after my junior year.

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Stronger Feet to Tougher Feats

I've been loosely following the school of a less supportive shoe leading to stronger feet and a healthier body for a couple years. While in London, I came across the factory outlet for Terra Plana shoes and almost bought a pair. Then New York Magazine had Adam Sternbergh's extensive article when I returned. Which led me to search for athletic shoes along these lines.

I settled on some Nike Free's, which seem like the only large commercial line to follow this path. Even so, they're a bit elusive, so I picked up one pair of 5.0's at Niketown and a pair of 3.0s online. I toyed around with customizing a pair, but they don't allow the word "sweat" or "shop" let alone together.

See the video at

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