Thursday, July 28, 2005

One Last Run To Get A First Run

I returned from the BWCA a day early, leaving me with a Wednesday night free. But the day before Barb and Nick finalized their purchase of a 27-year old Ski Nautique.

My dad, sensing the great timing, suggested that I go up with Nick for a final trip to the Lake and see the new boat. The timing seemed a bit tight for an early return Thursday morning and a 1030 flight, so Norman put on his thinking cap and came up this humdinger of an idea: Nick would drive me, him, and mom up to the lake, we'd ski for 3-4 hours, and Norm would drive us back down around 9pm. Crazy... like a fox.

We go going early in the afternoon and had pleanty of light. The Nautique took some adjustment, but was a clear improvement over the old Larson. Here are some pics of the afternoon.

[8/15/05 note: I've been pretty delinquent with posts, but I think getting this one out of the "draft" box will help out. So please come back, and often.]

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Tired from choppy waters

I'm up at Lower Hay lake for a big family birthday party before heading to the BWCA. My dad and I drove up friday morning and I was in swimming shortly after. Infact I swam much of the morning. Then just as the sun was going down I went out skiing with my cousin Nick when the water was glassy.

The party was yesterday. We celebrated the 45'ers those born in that year and we had 6 of them to celebrate. The beer flowed, the potluck lucked, there were fire works, kareoke and a new announcement: my cousin Nick proposed to to his lady Libby.

This morning was quiet in the cabin and breezy on the beach. I did some striking of the party and then jumped in the water. Being so windy there are some whitecaps out today. It was hard going out and choppy staying still, but I certainly got back to shore quickly. I'm loving the swim noodles...plenty of bouancy but easy to relax in deep water.

I'll head back to Mpls tomorrow, go see my grandma, go to the new Walker, and get ready for the BWCA.

My travels work out that get to see all three of dad's sibs in one week. Aunt Barb came to NY, Dave lives at the lake, and Phil will be coming through Mpls to visit folks in Mankato. Plus I may see my mom's brother Dan when I see grandma Norma.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Good Things To Do In Omaha... in 2006

I just got an update from my friend Rachel Jacobson who, after 5 years in NYC moved back to her hometown of Omaha. She's been pretty busy lately founding and scheming a new non-profit art film theatre, Film Streams.

Those of you musically inclined might be thinking there's another water-based art outfit in Omaha... Saddle Creek, and indeed Rachel's new theatre will be a part of Saddle Creek's new venue/retail/condo/theatre development in "NoDO" or North Downtown Omaha.

Rachel's goal is to show first run art films that would otherwise bypass Omaha on one screen and classic films on another. The project is slated to be up and running next summer.... so who's in for Omaha International Film Festival?

Good luck Rachel!

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Monday, July 11, 2005

Cool Like a Space Ship

Whitney and I did some home improvement this weekend. The toilet's flush lever broke and needed replacement, so we walked over to our neighborhood Lowe's near Smith and Ninth Street. Of course there were other things to consider while we were there.... paint, a new toilet seat, dream tubs, and a ceiling fan.

We settled on this bargain $88 48" Cobra Elite Ceiling Fan with lighting fixture (bulbs not included). Upon installation we were very happy with the cool air flow, though less so with the lighting. The bulbs are halogen and fairly sharp focused. So while we are free to focus where we want, the effect is more of a "close encounters" variety.

Nonetheless, we're stoked on the ceilin fan, so we're thinking of moving the cobra to the bedroom, where accent lighting is more functional, and getting aonther fixture for the main room.

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Friday, July 08, 2005

Summer Schedule for Irregular Blogging

I know my posting stuff about stuff has been slow of late and will be slow for the rest of July. But here's my dance card:
  • Monday July 11-- I get to see my Aunt Barb, in town for the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians Conference
  • Thursday July 14-- I fly to Minnesota
  • Friday July 15-- I get to see Grandma Tostenson
  • Saturday July 16-- Judy's (not a) Suprise Birthday Bash for all "'45-ers"
  • Tuesday July 19-- Head up to Duluth en route to the BWCA
  • Wednesday July 20-- Get in the water
  • Monday July 25-- Wish Whitney a telepathic happy birthday
  • Tuesday July 26-- Get out of the water
  • Wednesday July 27-- Fly to New York
  • Thursday July 28-- Go to work, resume blogging
  • Monday August 1-- Greenwall Foundation Proposal Deadline, resume Warrior Abs, celebrate my birthday (shameless plug, I know)

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Friday, July 01, 2005

Revisiting a Throne and a Bike

Earlier I've written my admiration for the Shift Concept Bicycle and the Kohler's Purist Hatbox. Now I've read that both have won 2005 Industrial Design Awards from BusinessWeek. You can see the complete slideshow winners here.

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